Toilet door notice

This rather amusing notice came to our attention recently, it’s a notice to employees from their employers and business owners. The employees have a crucial hygiene role in the catering industry and its telling them to wash and dry hands before returning to work and as an afterthought in brackets they add that they much use a paper towel to open the door to prevent recontamination.

It’s actually great that a business owner recognises that recontamination takes place after people wash and dry their hands then touch the door handle as its been proved that toilet door handles are harbourers of germs and bacteria from people that fail to wash their hands correctly or simply don’t wash their hands (yes these people exist and we refer to them as ‘walkers’ as opposed to us clean and nice people that wash our hands correctly and are referred to as ‘washers’).

Despite it being great that a business recognises the fact that toilet doors are filthy things it’s not sustainable, healthy or efficient to have every employee to use a paper towel to open the toilet door so we strongly suggest they purchase and install a hands-free door opener and that’s where the StepNpull can help to enable employees to leave the toilet cleanly and efficiently and without them leaving a pile of paper towels behind the door.

Would you be happy knowing that the chance of you not having faecal matter on your food is only reduced if an employee remembers to read a notice and open the toilet door with a paper towel? No we didn’t think so. We suggest they fit a StepNpull and improve the hygiene of employees and reduce the health risks to the people eating the food prepared by these employees.

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Injured workman

Workplace injuries – Handle with care

injured Man on crutches Health and Safety Executive researched injuries made in the workplace. According to the list of reported incidents and accidents causing employees to take time off work, ‘handling’ was the most reoccurring.

‘Handling’ refers to a list of ways a person may gain injury: including strains, sprains, lifting, carrying, pushing of pulling loads, trapped fingers and cuts from sharp objects.

In total there were 30,663 reported employee handling injuries. Over 90% of these reported injuries resulted in more than 3 days off work and over 800 injuries were obtained by members of the public. As a result, approximately 1.2 million working days were lost due to handling injuries, averaging out, per injury, 8.8 days off work!

Manual handling made up more than a third of the handling injuries, the main injury being of the back.  And as lifting or putting down loads was the most common kind of an injury, spurning over 3 days off work, this is clearly an area that needs attention.

StepNpull offers an alternative to unnecessary strains on the body. Because you do not need your hands to open a door, you can remain bent-back-free, safely relocating your items. Noticeably reduce the risk with our products.

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