BBC Radio 2 Innovations Slot with Simon Mayo

70% of people don’t wash their hands before leaving the toilet and even if you are one of those that wash your hands its possible that you may get germs on your hands from the door handle when leaving the toilet. Hear StepNpull company founder Mick talk to the Radio 2 Innovations program about the StepNpull.

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StepNpull featured on BBC Radio Essex

BBC Essex wanted to know about the new StepNpull product that had been launched in the UK and Europe that aims to reduce the spread of disease by giving toilet users a choice of how to open the door when they leave. It avoids the toilet user from touching a key potentially contaminated touch-point, the dreaded toilet door handle.
Here what Michael Janaway and Danny Crates have to say about the product

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StepNpull Featured in The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail is a major UK newspaper and news website that has recently run a feature about StepNpull, the history of how it came to the UK and gives quotes from a Doctor about his desires for seeing a StepNpull in every pub, restaurant, school and hospital. It also states research saying that if hand hygiene was improved this could reduce infection related deaths.

Read the full Daily Mail StepNpull Article

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