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BBC Radio 2 Innovations Slot with Simon Mayo

70% of people don’t wash their hands before leaving the toilet and even if you are one of those that wash your hands its possible that you may get germs on your hands from the door handle when leaving the toilet. Hear StepNpull company founder Mick talk to the Radio 2 Innovations program about the StepNpull.

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Toilet door notice

This rather amusing notice came to our attention recently, it’s a notice to employees from their employers and business owners. The employees have a crucial hygiene role in the catering industry and its telling them to wash and dry hands before returning to work and as an afterthought in brackets they add that they much use a paper towel to open the door to prevent recontamination.

It’s actually great that a business owner recognises that recontamination takes place after people wash and dry their hands then touch the door handle as its been proved that toilet door handles are harbourers of germs and bacteria from people that fail to wash their hands correctly or simply don’t wash their hands (yes these people exist and we refer to them as ‘walkers’ as opposed to us clean and nice people that wash our hands correctly and are referred to as ‘washers’).

Despite it being great that a business recognises the fact that toilet doors are filthy things it’s not sustainable, healthy or efficient to have every employee to use a paper towel to open the toilet door so we strongly suggest they purchase and install a hands-free door opener and that’s where the StepNpull can help to enable employees to leave the toilet cleanly and efficiently and without them leaving a pile of paper towels behind the door.

Would you be happy knowing that the chance of you not having faecal matter on your food is only reduced if an employee remembers to read a notice and open the toilet door with a paper towel? No we didn’t think so. We suggest they fit a StepNpull and improve the hygiene of employees and reduce the health risks to the people eating the food prepared by these employees.

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StepNpull featured on BBC Radio Essex

BBC Essex wanted to know about the new StepNpull product that had been launched in the UK and Europe that aims to reduce the spread of disease by giving toilet users a choice of how to open the door when they leave. It avoids the toilet user from touching a key potentially contaminated touch-point, the dreaded toilet door handle.
Here what Michael Janaway and Danny Crates have to say about the product

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StepNpull Featured in The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail is a major UK newspaper and news website that has recently run a feature about StepNpull, the history of how it came to the UK and gives quotes from a Doctor about his desires for seeing a StepNpull in every pub, restaurant, school and hospital. It also states research saying that if hand hygiene was improved this could reduce infection related deaths.

Read the full Daily Mail StepNpull Article

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What is E.Coli?

E.Coli or Escherichia coli is a form of bacterium that is commonly found in the lower intestine of warm-blooded organism.s  Some of the strains are harmless, but others can cause serious food poisoning in humans. The most common route of contamination is through fecal-oral transmission, meaning that it is passed from contact with human feces into the mouth.

E.Coli can be potentially extremely harmful to humans, and can (in extreme cases) be fatal.  It’s a bacteria that the population should respect and understand in order to stop the transmission taking place.”

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Washing hands is important

As a consultant I often get asked by my patients why hand washing is so important after using the bathroom.  The problem is with using the toilet is that there are many more dangerous bacterias that exist within our feces (poo) than we might realise.

The other problem is that other people using the public toilet might not be as clean or take care of their personal hygiene as much as we do.

Germs found in public toilets are incredibly high.  For example E.coli is regularly found in bathrooms which can make you very ill.  These germs are tiny and completely invisible to the human eye, and they could be hiding anywhere, the toilet seat, the doorknob, any bathroom surface that you come into contact with.

Once you come into contact with these invisible germs and then say eat your lunch with those unwashed hands you could make yourself very ill, or indeed contaminate your friend, partner or child.  By not washing your hands you leave yourself open to all sorts of nasty germs.

So simply put, make sure you wash your hands correctly to rinse away  those nasty toilet germs.  The fewer surfaces you touch the better.  I always recommend patients to leave the bathroom using a paper towel on the handle to ensure that the good work of washing their hands is not undone by others who choose not to wash.   In fact, one patient (who was particularly limber) told me how he used his foot to open the door on exit!

If you are concerned about this issue (and you should be) in your place of work, or public toilet that you frequent regularly – ask your manager or boss to install a StepNpull and greatly reduce the chances of contamination when you leave the toilet.

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StepNpull Products

StepNpull comes in 3 Flavours

To match your decor / door furniture and desires we can supply you with the StepNpull in a variety of finishes, goto the shop to select them, dont forget to get enough for your male, female and disabled toilets.

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Hand Washing

Steve Wright on Radio 2


Hear what problems Steve Wright on Radio 2 has when washing his hands after going to the toilet, our ‘sustainable’ product StepNpull answers this problem allowing you to leave the toilet without having to use paper to touch then open the door

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Norovirus caught on Cruise Ships

Cruise Ship Outbreaks

Norovirus caught on Cruise ShipsHoliday cruises are considered one of life’s luxuries, so when stepping onboard, you want to make sure the entire trip is smooth and spectacular. Unfortunately, outbreaks of a bug called the ‘Norovirus’ have been reported recently on some ships.

The virus is passed from human to human, so a single, infected person boarding the ship can cause a mass contamination. The enclosed living space, no matter how vast the ship may be, causes the spread of the bug to happen more rapidly, resulting in a large amount of persons on board falling ill.

The virus can  be contracted from touching a surface where an infected person may touched previously where they could have left a trace of human faecesfrom inadequate hand washing and / or touching a contaminated ‘touchpoint’ like a toilet door handle. It is very difficult to prevent contamination as the virus thrives on such surfaces up to 2 weeks after initial contact.

Where studies have shown that 90% of people fail to wash their hands correctly, preventing unwanted and unnecessary outbreaks may seem impossible to maintain. However, by implementing StepNpull unto the doors of the cruise ship, you can reduce physical contact with the bug massively, resulting in a safer environment for all on board.

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Lovely Clean hands

Innovative Products of the Year

Believe it or not there is awards for Bathroom Products that are launched and make an impact into the market and guess who featured in the 2012 awards – yes you guessed it us!

We are happy to know that our unique hands-free door opening device will make a positive impact to people’s health and well-being.

Very happy to say that we are one of the 5 most innovative bathroom products of 2012

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