The New Superhero

The Public Toilet

Public toilets are never fun. In fact we challenge you to think of a nice one. One you wouldn’t mind spending lots of time in? Hmmmm, we can’t think of one either. Why? Because, in the very forefront of our minds we know that hundreds and thousands of human have used the facilities. We also know that over 30% of people don’t wash their hands and a staggering 64% rinse their hands but don’t even use any SOAP! YUCK.

In our journey into the world of the public bathroom we spoke to various important people and dudes in white coats. They were adamant that the transfer of germs comes mainly through touch, and not as we thought through air borne germs. We were quite frankly horrified. To think we were touching millions of germs every time we used the toilet at work.

The disgust grew as we did the complicated maths and discovered that roughly 90% of users in public toilets are NOT cleaning their hands properly.

But thankfully StepNpull has come to the rescue. A sleek, rather sexy (in our opinions) super hero of a product that will finally eliminate our arch nemesis. The bathroom door handle.

The Office

We’ve tried and tested StepNpull in our office. In fact every client who visits can’t get over the product! We then proceed to get hundreds of texts from them with daily updates of venues that would benefit from StepNpull. We are surprised there has been no guerrilla installation of StepNpull as they are all very adamant they want it! (BTW we don’t endorse illegally installing our product, even though you ARE trying to save the world from germs – the police might not agree…)

Baby Changing Rooms

As we mentioned before, our client Sarah visited us and brought her very cute little baby with her. She couldn’t contain her excitement once she had used the product, so much so she forgot to take her baby home with her (not really).

Needless to say, for a new mum, she wants to find StepNpull in every shop, restaurant and place she visits.

No more struggling or dropping the baby whilst trying to touch the nasty door handle!

We continue our fight against the walker. We refer to ‘walkers’ and those lovely people that use the toilet then decide they dont need to wash / dry their hands and leave the toilet with ‘contaminated’ hands (after opening the door by the handle of course).

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