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The dangers of the door (seriously they are dangerous things!)

The NSC (or national safety council to you and me) stated that over 300,000 people are sent to hospital each year with door related injuries. That’s pretty high in our opinion.

Out of 950 children taken into A&E resulted in 64% having their poor little fingers amputated due to damage on closing their hands in the door.

StepNpull gives another incredible option for a child-friendly home/toilet/door. The less you use your hands to operate the door, the less accidents can occur. So our new mission is to get StepNpull recognised by all the child-frequented areas. hich really is everywhere. Let’s be honest.

Viral Infections (cough cough)

Germs are easily spread wherever there are people together. The important dudes in the white jackets we interviewed were very adamant that the Norovirus is one of the nastiest forms out there, and this is spread very easily through touch.

Norovirus is horrible. Fact. Jess from our accounts team had it last year. Aside from the fact that she dropped 4 dress sizes (she was already a size 6 to start) she was very, very ill. She suspects she caught it using the port-a-loo at a music festival she had been at previous to getting ill. Had StepNpull been on each and every port-a-loo she might not have gotten so ill. Thought for the day.

Another really gross fact is that viruses like this can live in someone’s stools (that’s poo to you and me) and vomit for up to 2 weeks AFTER the person has recovered. But we didn’t have to worry about Jo going to loo after her illness because we had StepNpull on the office door. No one else got ill. RESULT!

Bacteria (aaaaaah!)

Upon flushing your loo, germs can spread up to 6 times further than the toilet bowl. Closing the lid before a flush can noticeably reduce the risk. But then you have to TOUCH it. More germs on your hands.

Not all germs are harmful. Without them, we would not survive! So we aren’t saying all germs are evil, we just want to stop the spread of bad ones.

A bacteria ‘colony’ can grow and divide every 20 minutes. 1 bacterium can multiply into more than 8 million cells in less than 24 hours. That’s scary math. Seriously scary maths.

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