Paralympic icon and world record holder Danny Crates is widely considered one of the greatest British disability athletes of all-time. After losing his right arm in a horrific accident in 1994 at just 21-years-old, Danny moved into Paralympic sport and quickly began to dominate – famously winning gold in the men’s 800 meters T46 final at the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games, a year which also saw him set a new world record.

When Danny first heard about StepNpull he was blown away by the concept. Not only would it help someone like himself leave a bathroom door without having to use his one arm, the ability to protect himself from any transfer of germs or infections was extremely appealing. Danny is excited to be working alongside StepNpull and hoping to share the product and it’s features around the world.

Ben Challenger
Ben Challenger was born in 1978 in Loughborough, England. He started High Jumping at 15 and went on to win the gold at the U23 European Championships and bronze and silver at the Commonwealth Games. Completing in Sydney Olympics 2000, Ben went on to have a long and successful career in athletics. More than just an athlete, Ben has been an Ambassador for many high profiled brands, and is passionate about motor racing, tattoos and travel.

He is now extremely intrigued to be working alongside StepNpull as it’s a bathroom product he believes should be in every hospital, school and public toilet around the world. As a retired athlete himself and now working as Head of Athletics in a public girls school, Ben thinks that the product has the potential to change the way we use toilet doors.

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