Attached to any bathroom (or any door for that matter), you can easily exit without touching the dreaded bathroom handle. Simply Step, Pull and away you go.

When Sarah one of our clients came to visit and carried her baby into the bathroom she exited the bathroom with her hands full using our StepNpull. She didn’t drop the baby trying to struggle with the door handle. Phew! (Lawsuit avoided)

When Jess from accounts came down with the flu, no one else in the office caught the bug (we’d like to attribute that to StepNpull rather than the quarantine we put her in…)

But our work hasn’t stopped there.

We’re on a worldwide mission to take StepNpull to the rest of the UK and Europe.

Every bathroom door in a public environment should have one. Every school, office, restaurant, pub, and nightclub – you name it – it needs one.

So don’t be a walker – wash your hands. And leave the bathroom safe in the knowledge you aren’t touching the handle that another walker has touched.

Simply Step and Pull.

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